Greetings Members,Former Members, Future Members, Forum Users, and Tourists!
This is the announcement that went out with the launch of the new OC Website on September 7th, 2014 , followed by a walk-through of the site
It is a great pleasure to announce some outstanding updates to the 928 Owners Club website and to the 928 Registry, founded by Chuck Zachman and recently donated to the 928 OC community as a resource. 
With the introduction of the new Website on Monday, September 8th, we have made signifigant changes; some of which are......
  • All info from old site has been transferred to new site and re-organized
  • Updated platform that is more interactive and feature rich
  • Registry incorporated in OC site 
    • Users may self-register cars
    • VIN Decoder info displayed for members only
    • Special Section for History and Maintenance
  • Forum incorporated in OC site with new software
  • Database of  all '80-'95 928s (US and Rest of World) acquired and made searchable
  • VIN Decoder software created
    • Engine, Transmission, and Option Code info included in Vin Decoder
    • Members can click to view Registered cars from Decoder if cars are in Registry
  •  Searchable Tables created
    • VIN table
    • Production Series Table
    • Engine Types by Year and Model
    • Option Code Numbers and Descriptions
    • Color Table by Year with paint chips and car photos
    • Color Distribution of Cars in Registry
    • Member List with Regions
    • Regional Representatives
    • Roadside Assistance Volunteers
  • Charts created
    • Production by Year
    • Number of Cars by Region and Year
    • Number of Cars by Country and Year
    • Number of Cars in Registry by Color
  • Member Map created
    • Dynamic - changes as membership info changes
    • Names shown on hover
    • Emails shown on hover for members only
    • Special icon for Board Members
    • Special icon for Regional Reps
    • Special icon for Roadside Assistance Volunteers
    • Special icons for 1, 2, 3, 4 year members
  • Event Support information included
Now for the really good news.  We are ready for KICKOFF this weekend!  Members of the old forum and past and current OC Members are already registered on the site. To login:
username: The email username that received this email (the part of the email address before the '@' sign.
Please change the password after you log in the first time.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.
Best 928 Regards,
James Morrison
928 Owners Club
Site Walkthrough:

The Home Page comes up first when a user enters the site. The banner across the top will show up on all pages, and is the main menu that links to the site content.

Next on the Home Page is a slide show of 928 photos; in the future this could highlight a members' restoration, a particular year of car, etc. We are looking for volunteers to

Below that are 'Featured' Articles and information that change over time.

Across the top are menus for:

  • The Registry
    • Clicking the item brings up the Registry. Here users can add their car (or cars they discover in their travels or on the web) or browse the cars by year.
    • The pulldown menu brings up
      • The FAQ
      • The OC member car profiles from the Forum. (this should probably go somewhere else, since not all profiles are registered and there's no link from one to the other - creating the link is an interesting task).
  • The Forum
    • This links to the new Forum, which contains all of sub-forums and content from the old Forum.
  • Events
    • Event Sponsorship - this is a Table created from the Board Votes.
    • Current Events
      • A link to the Events Sub-Forum
    • Previous Events
      • Content from the old site.
  • Resources
    • Tool Loan Program and Roadside Assistance
      • Links to the appropriate Sub-Forum
    • Model Info
      • From Chuck's Registry
    • Special 928s, Links
      • Content from the old site
    • Vin Decoder
      • Enter a VIN and find PET information.
    • Tables (see 'Announcement, above)
    • Charts (see 'Announcement, above)
    • Repair Info
      • Content from the old site. Board Volunteer Coordinator (once assigned....) will need to find a Volunteer to add info to this item.
    • Mods
      • See Repair Info above
  • Publications
    • OC Publications
      • New and old-site content
    • 928 Magazines
      • Content from old site
    • 928 Sales Brochures
      • Content from old site
  • OC Info
    • Mission Statement
    • By-Laws
    • Board and Committees
    • Board Votes
      • Link to Forum
    • Owners Club Event Support
      • 'Guidelines and Policy document
    • Member List (members only)
      • From membership program, automatically updated
    • Your OC Profile (members only)
      • Displays your profile when logged in.
    • Volunteer!
      • An article soliciting volunteers. Please review and comment.
    • Member Forum
      • Link to Sub-Forum
    • Member Map (see 'Announcement, above)
    • Regions
      • A Table of Regions and Regional Reps with contact information.
    • Login
      • Login screen
    • Join
      • The way people Join the OC
    • Renew
      • Members renewal - only shows up for active members.

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