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    • See Production Number FAQ and other info at the bottom of page.

Production Number FAQ

    • FAQ: Why are the last four numbers of the Registry Title different than the last four numbers of the VIN?
    • ANS: The  last four numbers in the Registry are the Production Number and start with  '0001'  for each Production Series.  Porsche adds an offset (10, in 1978) to the Production Number to assign the VIN number,  so the VIN for the first car produced ends in 0011 and its Production Number is  0001.

  • 'regcommittee' Registry entries
    • Registry posts by 'regcommittee' are cars transferred over by Club volunteers from the earlier Registry that was created and donated to the 928 Owners Club by Chuch Schreiber. There are still more cars to transfer so contact the Registry Chairperson, Jarrod Wise , if you'd like to volunteer!

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