Glories Sunday Morning To ya'all may 15th

15 May 2011 11:33 #4805 by 928mac
Howdy 928 Owner Club Members .

Nice and sunny here today. I'm sitting back drinking my coffee and having my smoke or 3.

Took the puppy out for a walk, he nosed around lots and finally pee'd brought him in and he pooped on the floor :mad:
at least 1/2 of it is on the puppy pee pad.

I discovered the other day when I was under the car that I forgot to install the starter bracket (really,.. really,.... pissed me off)

So my question is what's the procedure to R&R a flywheel in the car because that is a %$#@ of a job.
I may work out a procedure as I find it unreasonable to move the trans/diff housing (although I've never mover them)

Today I hope to do this.

Have a Great 928 Day

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