Some recent correspondence from Leonard Laub, one of the 928OC founders.....

Greetings to all!

I’m frustrated by imperfect archiving here, but my best current reconstruction of some key early events is as follows:

-          Frenzy I, fall of 1997: Kim Crumb exhorts the assembled to form an organization. I chime in, then approach David Roberts to help with setting up a club.

-          March 1998: After lots of correspondence with at least David Roberts, Phil Tong, Ed Ruiz, and Philip Adamson, I announce formation of the 928 Owners Club (928 OC).

-          Mid 1998: Philip Adamson’s design becomes the official 928 OC logo

-          Later in 1998 (I estimate): David Roberts works heroically to bring up the 928 OC Web site, then continues heroically to maintain it.

-          9 Feb 1999: First issue of the original 928 OC magazine, 928 Journal, edited by me, is posted on the 928 OC Web site by David Roberts.

Throughout and past the era mentioned above, Ed Ruiz and Phil Tong worked hard drumming up members and managing Club funds. Dave Chamberland, Wally Plumley, Thilo Corts, and many others contributed content for the Journal and the Web site. Marc White got inspired and began planning the 928 OCIC in the Center of the USA. Many other good things happened that I can’t recall or recover documentation for (aargh; dangled a participle!).

And a copy of the original OC logo from New Zealander Phil Adamson

March 18th 1998 is the file date on the logo, so it was around then.

orig oc logo

OC By-Laws adopted by Founders

Notes from Gary Knox...

OK guys, I went through some old records that Ed Ruiz transferred to me.  Here’s the founding date as of what was reported in those records – in a Declaration sent to the Internal Revenue Service :
    “The 928 Owners Club Bylaws were materially adopted by the 928 Owners Club founders, consisting of more than two members, in May of 1998”

 Phil Tong....

The 928s4vr website and separate forum was created and managed by Phil Tong at about the same time as the founding of the Owner's Club. Phil was one of the OC founders, and  was THE go-to site for your 928 fix. It had model specs, owner pics, links to other sites, etc.

To Do: 

History of the creation and changes to the 928OC website.

History of the Registry and Chuck Zachman

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