This site can get a little complicated, so we have created this document to help you through it. This document is a work-in-progress, so check back often.

How do I add my car to the Registry?

First, you need to create a site account, to do that, click here. Then find your VIN number and click VIN Search, Add, Update Registry here or find the link under the Registy menu.  Enter the VIN and fill in as much info as you would like, then click Save and Close. That's it! Your entry has been submitted to the Staff for review, and you should see it live on the site soon.

How do I edit my car?

After your entry has been reviewed and posted, you can make changes to it at any time. First, sign in. Then go to the Registry page. Click My Menu, then My Homepage. Hover over the title of the car you want to edit, and you will see four buttons appear. Click on the gear, then click Edit. Now you are at the same form you filled in to create the entry. You can change anything you see here. When you are finished, click Save and Close.

How do I change my main photo?

Go through the same steps as"How do I edit my car?", and once you are at the edit form, you can delete the main photo and upload a new one.

How do I add more secondary photos?

You can have several secondary photos with titles and descriptions. These are useful for showing upgrades or repairs, or even awards won at Concourse. Go through the same steps as "How do I edit my car?", then you will see the other photos section. The red 'X' on the left will delete that image, the pencil is for the title, and the clipboard is the description. To add new photos you click the 'Add files' button, you can then select the photos you want to add. You can use the shift-click, control-click, and command-click(mac) methods to select multiple files at once. Once you have added those files, you will need to click upload files, and wait for that to finish before clicking Save and Close.

Is there a more visual explanation for adding photos?

Yes - please follow this link.

I bought my car from someone who has already registered it, how can I edit the entry?

Create an account, and then send us an email with the current title of the car, and your username. We will transfer ownership of the entry from the old owner to you, and you will be able to edit the post to your liking.

How do I choose the Market entry for my car?

For U.S. and Canadian cars, choose "U.S."; for all other countries choose 'RoW'. This has to do with the series of VIN numbers that were issued by Porsche. U.S. and Canadian cars shared a series of VIN numbers for each year and the rest of the world (RoW) shared another. For some years, Japanese cars had a separate VIN series as well. See the Production by VIN Series table under 'Resources', then 'Tables and Charts' from the main menu for more info.

I've got some information that I'd like to add to the 928 Resources section, how do I do that?

Awesome! Post about it in the original 928 Registry thread on the 928OC forum, and we will get you started.


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