Coming soon to a computer near you: THE NEW 928 JOURNAL


  • The Shark School: what’s it worth? -- An informal rambling and collation of information about the market value of the 928 automobile. A regular feature of The New 928 Journal, this more or less continuous updating of wholesale values will provide as near as possible, a “real time” basis for valuing a 928.
  • Sharks of Particular Interest -- From time to time, a feature will appear centered around a particular 928 that is being offered for sale. The intent of this article will be to present a 928 that is “better than the average” fish for some reason. It may be a car of particularly low mileage, unusual history, or exceptional condition.
  • Fiction, pictures, stories, musing and ramblings from 928 Owners who want to share some thoughts on the agony and ecstasy of owning a 928.

My intent is to kick this effort off by doing as much writing and rambling as I can. But the format…a sort of modified blog, which eliminates such traditional publishing problems as deadlines and editorial rewrites to formula, will encourage input from everyone who has an interest in 928s. But this “new” magazine will not replace, nor necessarily augment nor duplicate the other forums on the 928 OC website. Rather, the purpose of this Journal will be to entertain and present content not found elsewhere.

The success of this effort will depend in large measure on feedback from the 928 community. I hope that there will be some…good or bad.

Watch for the first items in The New 928 Journal in March!

Roger M. Woodbury
Lord’s Beach, Maine

928 JOURNAL, the official magazine for the members of the 928 Owners Club. It's the independent voice of the 928 owner, covering all aspects of buying, driving, maintaining, racing, and showing off your prized car. There's no place else to go to learn and enjoy as much about the finest high-performance car mortals can afford. 

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