There are a lot of things that are planned for presentation through this format, and I hope a lot more will appear. This modified “blog” format…where articles appear from time to time as they are ready, with no regard to specific publication deadlines…will enable a continued freshness that is simply not possible with a traditional publication. And with regard to that goal of “freshness”, I extend to all of you, an invitation to share your comments, criticisms, disagreements, arguments and general input both now and in the future. Feel free to write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will publish letters to the editor as they are relevant and as they appear.

Right now, I am the only person writing for this journal, although there are others who have offered their creative input. In the future, we will have some technical information from some excellent technical sources. We will be careful not to duplicate information appearing elsewhere on this website. I think there will be enough “new” or newly written information to fulfill the mission of The New 928 Journal: to provide information and entertainment for the 928 community.

Driving Every Day will be a regular feature of this ezine. Its purpose will be to provide commentary about the driving environment for which our 928s were created. A new commentary should appear often.

I am writing this in the midst of a late season snowstorm. The 928 that we bought last fall is still sitting in the mechanic’s stall, awaiting the final touches of its tuneup. With six inches of new snow on top of the nearly two feet already on the ground, enjoyment of our 928’s feeling of power and precision seems far away. While spring will come, I admit to being envious of those reading this who can slide into their Shark, and head out for a carefree hundred mile jaunt down a road lightly traveled.

But my envy aside, I hope all who can enjoy his 928 right now, will do it.

For those of us who can’t: think Spring! 928 time is coming to a road near you soon!

Roger M. Woodbury
Lord’s Beach, Maine 

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