Porsche 928 CS/SE Dimensions  

Wheelbase  98.43" 
Track width front 61.06" 
Track width rear  60.90" 
Overall length 177.95"
Overall width 72.28"
Height 50.47"
Ground clearance 4.72"
Turning circle 38.4'



928 CS/SE

  • Break pad wear indicators
  • Radio antenna moved to roof
  • Computerized dash read out reports miles, outside air temp, gas mileage, trip odo, miles to empty......
  • 928 CS/SE power increased to 326 bhp & 317 ft/lbs

928 CS/SE is differentiated from the 928 S4 in the following ways:

  • Rolled fender lips front and rear
  • Lightened twin outlet exhaust
  • Shorter shift lever
  • Different intake (same as GTS)
  • GT camshafts
  • 17 mm Rear wheel spacers
  • Short ratio manual transmission
  • Wheels were 8x16(front) and 9x16(rear) "club sport" with an offset of 60mm with 225/50 16(front) and 245/45 16(rear) tires

928 CS/SE is further differentiated from the S4 by the following options (option codes are located on the inside cover of and original owners manual or on a white sticker located in the rear hatch area opposite the spare tire and above the gas tank):

  • 220 - 40% Limited Slip
  • 393 - Forged Alloy Wheels
  • 474 - Sport Suspension
  • 481 - 5-speed transmission


Exterior is differentiated by the Club Sport wheels and a twin outlet exhaust rear resonator.


16' Forged Alloy Club Sport Wheels - Option #393.  Rears have 17mm bolt on spacers.



No Visual differences between S4 and CS/SE in the engine compartment.


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