Welcome to the 928 Owners Club Vin Decoder.

The Decoder accesses a database that has information for Porsche 928s from model years 1980 through 1995 including both US and RoW (Rest of World) cars.  It was created from the Porsche PET program and made available to the Club for its use. It provides production, engine, transmission, and option code information for each car in the database. Please note that the VIN DECODER assigns a title to each car containing the YEAR,  MARKET (US, meaning US and Canada), and 'Row' or 'Rest of World' then MODEL (S, S4, GTS, etc) and finally by PRODUCTION NUMBER. The Production Number is NOT the last four digits of the VIN; rather it is the sequential number of production for that particular 'series' of car. The fourth car produced for a particular series will have a Production Number of 0004, for example. 

There are some cars that are missing in the database, probably less than one percent, and more or less randomly scattered throughout the years and models. The entire database is accessable, sortable, and searchable in the 'VIN Table' link under 'Resources', then 'Tables'.


The Decoder is available to Registered (logged on) users of the site. If you are not logged on, the program will tell you. To register, select the 'Login' button at the top and then 'Don't have an account?', which will lead you through the registration process.  You will be sent an email with an activation link after which the Decoder will be available when you return and  log in.  Enjoy!


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