Happy Day 928 Owners

20 Jan 2012 17:17 #7846 by 928mac
Happy Day 928 Owners was created by 928mac
Wow what a day, and I am glad it is over.
Left work early to do some appointments and the rest of the day is mine. Ya! Ha!
Today I would like to get to work on the console and re-glue the loose edges.

Then prep it and do a trial fit of the custom window, sun roof and wiper switches.

Ya I think I will be happy if I get that far but I don't know if I will.

This will all depend on how much time I spend down stairs on the guitar.
Last night I fired up the board and both 1200w amps that feed my sound system. Nothing like playing your guitar in stereo. ha ha it can drown out my guitar amps if I dont bridge them.

So I hope you all have a most awesome weekend and may you be 1/2 an hour down the road before she knows you left the garage. :D

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