Good morning 928 owners :) Feb 10th

10 Feb 2012 11:22 #8152 by 928mac
Good morning 928 owners :) Feb 10th was created by 928mac
Hey people, how is it going? I how everyone of you old farts (like me) are doing well. Hope your bones are not aching to much this fine morning.
Deb and I are going to get our photos for our passports today.
It should be a good day as its a long weekend for me.

Have a Great 928 weekend


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10 Feb 2012 21:19 #8163 by pcar928fan
Replied by pcar928fan on topic Good morning 928 owners :) Feb 10th
WOW...already nearing the end of the day and I am the first to comment! How sad is that?!

I took my '84 928S in for its annual inspection! That car lives at a friends house so I hardly get to drive it anymore, so it is always nice when I can climb in to the drivers seat in that one! It is BEAUTIFUL TOO! Burgundy with all black interior. SO NICE! 114k miles, A/C works, seats recovered (though not a great set of covers nor install, but MUCH, MUCH better than they were) and the car just runs SO WELL!

She is a real sweetheart to drive! Needs rear brakes (pads and rotors) and the dash has its share of cracks and the cruise control does not work, but I can't believe I couldn't even generate a LICK of interest in this car when it was listed at $9k! This car needs almost nothing done to it and nothing that even a MODEST car enthusiast couldn't do one even called about it!

Glad it didn't sell really, but it sure is a nice car and makes me smile every time I start it up!

78 Silver / Black-white #295
84 Ruby Red / Black AO84
88 Dark Blue / Linen-Black
92 Polar Silver / Dark Blue 92EURO
93 Arrow Blue / Black

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