Lost Cup 2 wheel center crests-

11 Mar 2012 20:56 #8457 by Normy1
Has anyone actually lost a crest, as compared to the whole center cap? In the past two weeks I've lost TWO crests. These are glued down fairly well, and I have the original 993-part number parts with the groove about 1/4 of an inch inside the circumference.

Theft? I...doubt it. They'd go after the hood crest first, I would think.

Well I bought four center caps on eBay for $32, and I got $32 worth of crests: They look cheap. I guess they look better than two missing though....

The ones I bought through 928 Intl.com about 10 years ago have a Porsche 993 part number, and the p inside the V Porsche Parts organization symbol. Similar ones on eBay are $165 for four.

-I installed my cheapies, and installed them with a drop of "SHOE GOO" on each of the five tabs. This prevents them from ever coming loose on their own, yet they can still be removed with a tap from behind without damage.


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11 Mar 2012 21:02 #8458 by pcar928fan
I don't use that type of center cap... I have seen those though.

78 Silver / Black-white #295
84 Ruby Red / Black AO84
88 Dark Blue / Linen-Black
92 Polar Silver / Dark Blue 92EURO
93 Arrow Blue / Black

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