How to post a picture in your Signature

14 Mar 2012 20:35 #8478 by 928mac
How would I go about posting Pics in my signature
Is the question I was asked

[IMG][/IM] [U]In The Link Above[/U] See the [IMG] at the beginning? I removed the G on the end of the Imaging code [/img] Or it would have been a picture

I have a web site called photo bucket which is free.
Click on this link and see my pictures and the code for each picture.

All I do is copy the IMG (Imaging code FOR THE PICTURE) and paste it where ever I want the picture to show on a forum or face book.

So to answer your question.
Click on User CP (top left)
Click on Edit Signature
Type what you want in the edit signature box
As well as paste a picture code Like you can see on my photo bucket.

If you don't have photo bucket, get it and store all your pictures there and then you will always have a copy.

Hope this helps


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