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27 Nov 2012 16:38 #12678 by PaulM
Rear Quarter Glass was created by PaulM
I'm in the process of striping out my 84S, for a total paint job, and want to replace the wrap around spoiler with one that is off the hatch and permits airflow under as well as over the spoiler, like the custom wing from 928 MotorSports. I have noticed that the rear quarter windows on the 84 have a dark tint in the lower rear corner where the side spoilers cover the glass. This dark tint does not appear to be removable and I am therefore thinking I must replace the quarter glass (have to replace one anyway as it broke while I was removing it) with glass for a 928 that does not have the wrap around spoiler. Any comments/suggestions/help would be highly appreciated.

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27 Nov 2012 22:22 #12685 by Kiln_Red
Replied by Kiln_Red on topic Rear Quarter Glass
The 928 quarter glasses are "roped in" as they say. I use welding wire, primarily, to remove them. Patience is key if you are to successfully remove them without breaking, though the 928 glass is pretty robust and forgiving as it is quite thick and sturdy. Significantly higher quality than other cars.

You need the earlier style quarter glasses, without the tint, if you want it to have the right look. I have seen several S cars with the spoilers deleted and the original quarter glasses. It isn't too noticeable really, but you are correct that the tint shouldn't be there for cars that came with no spoilers from the factory.

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