Project 928

04 Sep 2014 22:26 #17542 by gsc928
Project 928 was created by gsc928
Since buying a, 928 I have been reading an assortment of articles about this amazing car. I heard about this book called, Project 928, and started to see if I could obtain a copy. It's been out of print for a long time and very difficult to obtain. It's the old supply verse demand rule and the ones I have found have been outrageously expensive. I began to wonder if this book was on line in a PDF format. Low and behold I found it. I downloaded the book onto my I-pad and also printed off a copy. It may not be shiny like the book itself but, so what! Unless your a book collector it won't make any difference. All the text is there and the color photographs. I'm new to the 928 community so most of you probably already knew this but I was still very happy that I could obtain a copy. By the way, if you don't know what Project 928 is, it was a book about the conception, development and production of the 928. It appears there is information in this book about the 928 you will not find anywhere else. If you own a 928 or just a fan do yourself a favor and download this book.


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