Hey I changed my username - FYI

07 Sep 2014 21:12 #17568 by mm928
Hey I changed my username - FYI was created by mm928
Strat_928 is now mm928.......as if you cared! :)

I do not play my Strat much anymore anyway, have a new axe and it isn't like I am some working musician or anything....really did not fit the board anyway I guess.

Anyway - thanks Derrick for all the hard work,, it is looking good.,,,,hey I need to look at my profile again I did not notice a place for a signature....will check..... done and it was fairly easy, added the avatar as well

1983 928S - 16v 4.7L L-Jetronic
Dark Grey w/ Blue Leather
85/86 exhaust manifolds
SS Hi-perf Cat
S4 springs
Bilstein shocks
Air pump delete
VIN: WP0JB0926DS861180
- - Isn't Life great? - -

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