Cleaner for Anodized wheels

28 May 2015 21:30 #18318 by mm928
Cleaner for Anodized wheels was created by mm928
Hey all,

For those of you with Manhole covers that are not polished (the original Anodized versions) I have finally found a very good product to clean them.

Prior to this some prevailing wisdom (that I followed myself) was to use Goop hand cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. To being back luster, use a light coat of Vaseline smoothed out with a clean rag or foam block.

This did actually work,,, but was pretty messy. At least I have found a good solution for the cleaning part. I used a demo spray can of Sonax wheel cleaner. I notice it said it could be used on Anodized wheels right on the can. It works like a dream,, maybe just a little nylon brushing to break up any old dirt the first time you use it. Then rinse off and do the vaseline thing. They are the best they have ever looked. If you are worried about the chemical, then just use it in spring after the winter crap is on them and in the fall to clean up the summer crap! I believe 2 times per year will keep them pretty clean from brake dust etc. if they are not daily drivers.

I like the results. Will be taking it up to Sharks in the Mountains next weekend if anyone else is going.

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