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23 Aug 2015 18:34 #18449 by Tony A
Detailing tips was created by Tony A
i read through a lot of the mechanical issues and the long laborious descriptions of adjusting the main muffler bearing or re calibrating the lower motor hatchie and it's completely lost on me. There are names of parts that I don't even believe are real. There are guys on this site that are replacing transmissions in their 928's before work in the morning!
Now I know there are more guys out there that are just as baffled as me about all this that's why I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone might be interested is something a little less demanding like sharing tips on detailing and keeping these great cars looking great. ....... " wax on.... wax off"

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11 Sep 2015 17:33 #18481 by mm928
Replied by mm928 on topic Detailing tips
Tony - yes,,, go to the Adam's car care site,,, his stuff is worth every penny. But to start with for our cars, there is a rubber restorer that will make you wing, black trim look great and last a long time with no greasy residue etc. I have used it and it is great .

They also have a lot of videos showing the ins and outs of car detailing - we usually have demos at the Shark Frenzy's here around DC, thats where I first saw their stuff..... I have been buying it ever since.

Also for us you may need to just restore or enhance your paint after 20 - 30 years,,. They have a lot for that as well.

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28 Sep 2015 13:55 #18511 by tomkat80222
Replied by tomkat80222 on topic Detailing tips
Looks like some fine products at Adam's. No matter what you do, I think one of the most important steps is the use of a clay bar to really clean the surface of the paint, windows and lenses. I also use older bars to clean the wheels. It's amazing how much stuff these things pick up and how smooth the paint feels after using one. If you don't get the paint really clean to start you are wasting your time polishing and waxing.

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06 Nov 2015 16:36 - 06 Nov 2015 17:22 #18601 by S4George
Replied by S4George on topic Detailing tips
When I bought my car I noticed the headlights had a haze on the inside of the lens. I taped a cloth tip (with a squirt of Windex) to a coat hanger and inserted it into the headlight to clean off the haze, it took a while but they look good as new and made the car look "fresh"

I use a Q-Tip to periodically clean/detail the vent louvers and around the radio buttons and shifter area.

If you have a black interior you know that every white spec shows up no matter how clean the car is. I back roll packaging tape around two fingers to clean.

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