New Product: Rear Camber Eccentric Bolts

23 Sep 2015 15:29 #18502 by Carl Fausett
Improves handling and tire wear with wide rear tires!

The Problem: Customers find that once they install wider rear tires and wheels, their rear camber jumps to such a high degree they can no longer get even tire wear. The tire is running on the inside corners all the time. Worse, their braking and cornering performance is diminished, and they are not getting the benefit of those wide wheels and tires they just bought.

The Solution: Our custom rear camber eccentric bolts will add 3mm more camber adjustment range to your car, so you can get your rear alignment back within spec, increasing your performance and tire life.

Quality Made: We start with the Porsche® factory camber bolts, so you now they not only fit, but they are the right part for your car. We had material added to the outside of the eccentrics, then re-ground them to relocate the ellipse, and had them plated in yellow-chromate for lasting good looks and rust resistance. Top quality all the way.

Easy Installation: Instructions included. The slotted hole in the rear cross-member will need to be enlarged by 3mm to take advantage of the new camber range you have now. This can be done with a Dremel tool or die grinder with the suspension in the car.

Details here:

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