Tuesday sept.21 Good Morning 928 enthusiast

21 Sep 2010 09:49 #1189 by 928mac
Good Morning 928 enthusiast

I got a bit of a treat (I hope you think it is anyway)

As a recording musician, I have a CD out there and thought I would show you how I build a song.
I build it one piece at a time rhythm, drums, keys if i decide more guitar or what ever until the song is complete and finally I put in the worst part, my vocals. This can take months or hours depending. I play all my own instruments.

I had a request through one of the many musicians that I work with, so my answer was to show him on this video where I place a lead into this song that I have been working on.

This song was completed a few years back and I still had to fix the lead about another 3 or 4 times. This is a rough copy!!

The song is called Nothing Day and it is about just that. You know when you plan to do nothing. You also know that sh1t always gets in the way and so the song ends with the Lead as I am screaming that I want my nothing day

Please excuse my appearance! the studio was hot
I hope you enjoy

Nothing Day

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21 Sep 2010 10:08 #1191 by SeanR
Yawn (me, not your comments)

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