Anyone in the Dayton, OH area be able to help with a bicycle pickup & packaging for shipment?

12 Aug 2017 17:27 #19939 by y33trekker
I bought a bicycle on Ebay and could use some assistance with getting it shipped. The plan was to use (they supply shipping box and delivery) for the actual shipment, but the seller doesn't think they could handle the partial disassembly and packaging.

You'd pick up the bike in west central Dayton, wait for the box to be delivered to you, do a minor disassembly to package the bike, then hand the box over to whichever courier sends to your home or business location for the pickup.

I'm looking into a few other leads for assistance (Dayton area bike shop and other message board members), but in the meantime thought I'd ask here too.

The main thing at this point would just be picking up the bike and holding on to it until the shipping could take place. There would be no hurry on the shipment.

Thanks for considering

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16 Aug 2017 18:45 #19944 by y33trekker
Never mind. Got the pickup and shipment worked out with a local bike shop.

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