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30 Sep 2019 10:52 #20999 by P-man
Maybe new owner! was created by P-man
Hello all - I am considering a 1982 updated to 1984 with the 4 speed automatic and "S" trim pieces - I can buy to from the mechanic whose has serviced it since 1994 as the 2nd owner has just passed and he is selling it for his widow - he was the second owner - the mechanic is a Porsche specialist who has worked on my 912e, sons 924, and my 991 for routine maintenance - he is a transaxle specialist more than anything else!
He says all is up to date as he has serviced the car since 1994 - - new torque tube last year - new belts a few years ago - yearly oil changes etc....the one issue is a repaint in white that is starting to flake around the edges of the doors and fenders as the repaint was not up to standards for the aluminum bits - from 50 feet it cannot be noticed at all.
Miles are around 100k - have not seen it yet - says everything works with the only interior issue being a cracked/covered dash - I can pick it up for 7K - I am in Pa. so it would be only a fair weather ride - alone with my other 2 p-cars - should I do it?
Wife says no more cars or dogs (3 corgis - 2 Porsches, 1990 Miata - BMW X2 - her Benz 350glk which takes up a valuable garage space - 4 spaces and 5 cars! now!

Thanks - Frank

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