Good Morning 928OC this Oct sunday 10th

10 Oct 2010 12:13 #1605 by 928mac
Hey there Stan, Austin, and Everyone else that stops by 928 OC.

I was on a thread at Rennlist and it was jokingly said that if you only have 1 928 that you re frowned upon. I hope it was jokingly?

Any way I had another hobby/Joy before my 928 so I posted the pictures on my profile thread if you are interested.

We are going to celebrate the reaping of the fall crops today, Thanks giving.

We slept in a usual and never made it to church, shame on us.

OK here is a question. Is there music playing in your garage 24 - 7
In Mine there is.

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10 Oct 2010 13:08 #1606 by Kiln_Red
Good morning, Brad and 928OC. Look at it this way; you have one more 928 than most are fortunate to own. :D

My love affair with the 928 began 18 years ago when my father bought the Grand Prix White 86.5. We didn't know much about the cars at all at the time. In fact, he never even looked at the car before he bought it. But, oh man, how awesome it was to see it when it arrived!! It looked like a spaceship in '92. Where we're from, you never saw cars like this EVER. It was about 1000x cooler than a new Vette at the time. There was nothing else like it. It was different era then, though. Without the internet, it was much much harder to keep up a super car like the 928. At the time, it was very much a super car. Thankfully, the internet has granted us a competitive parts market and a knowledgeable community with which to share and discuss invaluable technical tips.

Now is as good as ever to own one, or more, of these cars. :cool:

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