Good Morning 928OC this Oct 15th

15 Oct 2010 10:00 #1665 by 928mac
Good Morning 928OC this Oct 15th was created by 928mac
Hey Hey Hey, or maybe I should say

GOOOD MORRRNING 928 OC (sounds like Robin Williams)

Last night was my last night working shutdown.
Snuck home and crawled into bed beside my woman. (she was so happy)

I am so excited about my last purchase of The 928 Motorsports TEC GT Engine Management System (EMS) kit
I cant wait to start pulling the engine, taking the top off, replacing the gaskets and hoses and fixing that dam oil leak.

I have a few questions about some stuff on the list you posted Stan as to what they are for. Maybe you could edit your post with a hint after each part on the list.

Do you think this is to much


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