10 years and going strong

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30 Dec 2010 20:28 #2599 by the flying scotsman
10 years and going strong was created by the flying scotsman
I was going to title the thread '10 years and loving every minute' but that would not be quite accurate.

It truly is a love/hate relationship.

When shes running right and everything is functional there's nothing like it. When I park it and walk away then see strangers stare at it I'm so proud and they've no idea its 23 years old. When I wash it at the local car wash which is in a very small town and the local teens tell me they really like my car, I smile.

Then on hotest day of the year after being parked in the sun all day the a/c decides not to work. Then you take a co-worker out for lunch and returning to the car you open the passenger door for her, she gets in, I walk around to the drivers door and the handle breaks in my hand. Then, you venture out after a long hibernation of frigid Canadian winter, fill it with fresh gas, check the tyre pressures, oil levels etc then go for a little run only for it to quit on you miles away from home and of course in a valley between mountains with no cell service.

It truly is a love/hate relationship.........looking extremely forward to the next 10 years :)

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30 Dec 2010 22:00 #2602 by pcar928fan
Replied by pcar928fan on topic 10 years and going strong
You know I have been in the Shark Tank for over 14 years now and I have to say, I have really, REALLY enjoyed it! I have been fortunate to have company cars all along the way but man when I would jump in the S4 or GTS after having been away for a week or two, it was like heaven!

I SOOOO LOVE THESE CARS! All of mine have different personalities too and getting to know them has been a joy! I can't wait to get EURO85 home next week with all the little things done to it and get to know that one!

It will be nice to get a new tranny in the S4 too so I can rekindle that relationship! I LOVE that car! You know there is something to be said for your FIRST...you never forget them! ;) The '88 S4 sounds SO SWEET and while it does not pull like the GTS's it really is STRONG!

LOVE 928's!

78 Silver / Black-white #295
84 Ruby Red / Black AO84
88 Dark Blue / Linen-Black
92 Polar Silver / Dark Blue 92EURO
93 Arrow Blue / Black

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