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28 Jul 2011 09:44 #5729 by leejames
Hi folks-need advice was created by leejames
I am a long time 928 fan and now ready to be an owner but I am a little scared. Seem like for every success story (had my 928 for years with no problems), I hear a horror story (its a money pit).

Logically the truth may be somewhere in the middle but I sure would like to hear your expert thoughts.
Also some advice on what to look/look out for in selecting my future '88-'95 928.

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28 Jul 2011 13:46 #5732 by denhamfly
Replied by denhamfly on topic Hi folks-need advice
With great cars come great problems has been the story of my life. I have been a owner for ten years, this club makes life a lot better with all of it's members that are willing to help! If I would have to do it again I would spend more for a car that has been well kept. Mine was a deal, but the repairs from neglect were more than buying a garage queen and paying more. These are just my thoughts.

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28 Jul 2011 15:20 #5733 by 928mac
Replied by 928mac on topic Hi folks-need advice
I agree that it is better to start with a well sorted car and this is why.

When building a hot rod or any car, you will never get the money out of it that you put into it.

Spend 40G on a camaro and you might sell it for 28, depending on your area and who is buying.

With my 89 928 I beleive the Japan owner looked after it quite well.
I paid $10,200 with the alberta safety and it only had 92,000 km on the clock.

But it was time for main bearings (its an automatic) which I did the first year.

This year it needed a top end refresh and fuel lines, but I decided to spend as much as I could afford to on preventive maintenance.
The Tec-4 GT kit replaced the old computers, wireing harness and plug wires (these were showing their age)
I wanted the steel braided fuel line look, . . so more $$
Roger had some sales on (4 brake rotors)
updated PK tentioner and on and on and on for around 11 G

Here is the kicker,. . . . . its still just a 13-14 tho car because the paint will need to be done which will be 10 - 12 tho

So there ya go
I could have just drove it after the bearings $600
and I could have used Rogers fuel lines ?? around the same maybe ??
and I could have drove it, buuuutttt its a porsche and I want it to perform like a , . . PORSCHE -THERE IS NO OTHER

If you are not in a rush and can spend 1 or 2 G a year to get the car sorted and still drive it, you will have fun.


My 2 cents

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29 Jul 2011 09:40 #5737 by WyattsRide
Replied by WyattsRide on topic Hi folks-need advice
As most have already said. Buy the best car you can from the beginning. Maintenance records and condition (int and ext) are very important.

Here's some other advise.

1. If you have certain years in mind (I think you mentioned S4s only) then look at them all. Drive or look at as many 928s as you possibly can. Even if they are way below or way out of your price range. This will give you an idea of the condition and price ranges.

2. Don't trust adds and pictures in the ads. A lot can be hidden. Look at the car in person and drive it.

3. Learn as much about 928s as you can. Joining this site is a good start. But there are others out there too with much information. Read books and magazines too. The Essential 928 Buying Guide is a great resource and I still read it again again. It's out of date on prices but still has much info.


4. I'm sure this goes without saying but buying any used car is a crap shoot. Sometime you have to go with what your gut tells you. If something doesn't "feel" right, then move on. There will be others. Be patient.

5. If you have any mechanical experience then it's big plus, IMO. (This is the scariest part for me BTW. I have little.)

6. JUST DO IT! What's the worst that could happen? Lose all your money paying to get your dream car fixed or losing your wife because you spend too much time with your German girl friend. Heck, both are replaceable. HA! JUST KIDDING...I KID....:D

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