Aug 3 Good Morning 928ers

03 Aug 2011 10:48 #5786 by 928mac
Aug 3 Good Morning 928ers was created by 928mac
Good morning all, well I hope its a good morning.
It seems like more then a few of us are having the 928 bugs show up.
Tis the season for bugs ;)

My rant of the day is when you contact a support and it seems like they must not even have read my beef because they always ask the same questions that I told them at the begining of the contact.

I not only have this problem with our I.T./I.S. at work but I am starting to have this problem with Electromotive for the TEC-GT Kit that I bought through 928MS (ILL keep everyone updated on the out come)

What is your rant today?

Have A GREAT 928 Day

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03 Aug 2011 11:27 #5788 by 928mac
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To update my experience with Electromotive.

I have spent weeks or longer trying to set up my car.
This entire kit has not been a very good kit, Diod was missing, TPS bracket rough fit, DFU coils poor installing componets and the passeger side interfears with the upper Rad hose.
I believe this kit was put together by the vender
I have no complaint with the TEC-GT electromotive componets

I have been fighting with setting up the air fuel ratio and thanks to a failed hose to the IAC that had me remove the intake to repair it, I would have never started to inspect the map sensor.

I thought it was wired wrong in the electromotive manual but as it turns out, it is a MAP sensor for a boosted car.

here is a copy of the support from electromotive

Uwe@EMI wrote:
Figured I would chime in. The wiring diagram that is shown in the manual is absolutely correct. As for the part number you listed in the email, this is for a 3 BAR sensor. If the program in the TECgt was set up for a 1 BAR sensor, then the reading you originally got would make sense. If the engine is not boosted, you may have received the incorrect MAP sensor. The orange connector is a dead giveaway that the sensor is not a 1 BAR, as they use a green connector with a different key. Hope this helps clear things up!


Anyway, I thought I should clear that up.

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