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06 Jun 2010 10:54 #348 by 928mac
Hi, I saw this thread at another forum so why not see who is here.

My name is Brad.
I live in Fort Mcmurray Canada.
I'm a automotive and heavy duty mechanic by trade.
Always been a high performance nut and speed junky.
I took a job in the oil sands as a mechanic at a GM dealer and then 2 yr later for a contractor fixing what ever was needed fixed.
I now work up here for Syncrude as a training coordinator to provide and monitor all of the trades that work in the open pit mine at Syncrude - base mine and Aurora.

I found this 89 928 while on holidays in BC and got to drive it for 3 weeks before it snowed last year.
Going through it now, replaced mains so far and anxious to get it back on the road.
I'm replacing the cats with straight pipe and would like to increase the power by a 100 horse or so. Pipes should give me 15-25.
I am looking for this air intake.

But thats enough about me, now its your turn.

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12 Jun 2010 10:34 #364 by 928mac
Oh come on now people, I now that Stan is the man that our webmaster and prez. Hey Stan did you get that race car of yours any closer to done?
How long you been a webmaster. What's your day job? :D

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12 Jun 2010 11:47 #365 by srshaw3
Race car is still waiting.
'90 928 GT street car and '96 M3 track/street car are being kept running :)

I own/operate Excell.Net. Our focus is in developing and hosting websites, as well as providing the supporting services, email, search engine optimization, shopping carts, etc. 14 years in business, about the last 10 full time for me.

A website that may be interest we will be developing is perfexmfg.com. Ed, the owner of Perfex developed the revolutionary water pump for the 928 and is also restoring the Holbert 928 that set that production car speed record in 1987.

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12 Jun 2010 15:41 #366 by 87 Shark
Hello my name is Dave and I am an Aries. I like to take long walks on the baech and...oops wrong site.Don't tell my wife.
I am a liscensed general carpenter and heavy equipment operator. I have worked for the city of Ottawa for the past 27 years. I also own and operate a small home renovation company.I've been hooked on cars since I was a kid,and finally found and was able to buy the 87 s4.My kids are both out on their own and it's time for my wife and I to enjoy our time together. The car will be a big part of that.We plan on touring as much as possible. Hope to meet some of you various functions.
I found the car here in Ottawa after a 9month search.It was built as a cdn car.
Here's what's been done so far:
8"headlights,new rad, new clutch(5 speed),belt and wp pump,control arms tie rods,brake rebuild,17" cup wheels,rebuild axel, ss brake lines, new gts style back end, bilsteen shocks (adjustible ride hight) on rearand new blaupunct cd stereo. Some of the work was done when I bought the car, some I have done. I should say the list is ongoing to my wife's dismay. Guess i've been hooked by the shark.

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02 Jul 2010 16:23 #421 by Hooked
Hello everyone!
My name is Troy, a few years shy of the big 5-0, I work for a pharmaceutical
company, I'm in Engineering, a precision welder, fabricator. I do everything from the drawing to mirror finish polishing and I love it, it's what I do. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and love that too!
I work on my own vehicles unless it's outside the means, then I pay...lol
I'm almost finished with an intake refresh on my 1986.5 S. I have Porken chipset, fpr from a 1987 928, x pipe,rear muffler bypass, cup II wheels, custom fresh air intake (working on that yet) I have a lot of work to do with it, but I enjoy most of it. I have gobs of before, during, and so far pics, not sure where to post them tho. Yep, I'm HOOKED!

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