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27 Nov 2011 06:40 #7148 by bvgent
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Hi All, I'm new to all of this. Just got my 1991 S4 in Jan 2011. Looking for affordable ways to boost HP and gas mileage. Has anyone used the G Force chip? I'm searching the forum and finding little reference to performance chips. I would have thought that this would be of interest to everyone, so I'm thinking I must be using the search tools improperly. Can anyone help with this subject?

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27 Nov 2011 07:42 #7149 by srshaw3
Replied by srshaw3 on topic G Force Chips
The best value is to *first* ensure your 928 is tuned properly. Review all your standard tune-up parts, plugs, caps, rotors filters, then move on to wearable parts like O2 sensors and ignition parts that can fail slowly, coils, wires, control units. Review your cam timing as well, this commonly is off.

I know there are chip vendors out there, but haven't heard much about them. For tuning, there is a product called the sharktuner that might intrigue you. There are upgrades for performance, but generally not cheap.

Many enjoy the improvements by added a 928 specific x pipe, upgrading catalytic convertors and removing the rear muffler (weight savings too).

More recently there have been products that are designed to provide better air flow to the motor.

Of course there are nitrous kits, supercharger kits and turbo kits as well.

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27 Nov 2011 07:53 #7150 by the flying scotsman
Replied by the flying scotsman on topic G Force Chips
welcome to the forum :)

buying off the shelf performance 'chips' for the 87 and newer 928s do not provide favourable results.

with a stock car getting everything operating as it was when new then make a decision to go from there. the 928 is quite complicated and requires considerable attention to keep it at its strongest.

Most tuners wanting to get more from the system may consider engine rebuilds, supercharging or turbo. The stock eproms are then removed and substituted w/PEMs which can be programmed with a sharktuner and 'live' engine running and driving. another method is replacing the entire computer system, wiring and sensors but that is somewhat expensive and requires a great degree of knowledge....just ask Brad

All of these suggestions work well and will take a stock 20 year old 928 into todays supercar levels.

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27 Nov 2011 12:49 #7153 by 928mac
Replied by 928mac on topic G Force Chips
What Malcolm and Stan said, but first whats your name and lets have some pics of your car.

Go to the user cp (top left) and put your name and car details in your signature kind of like mine.

Then in the gen area we can talk about if you would like to keep it looking stock.
Mine is a 5L and there is lots of talk abuzz about how much can a naturally aspirated (not super charged) 5L give us and the numbers are getting up there. With exhaust mods, porting and cams well over 400 hp should be achievable but I haven't seen anyone post any dyno numbers.

I removed my Cats, did some mild head porting, ported to gasket match the intake to the heads, installed a Electromotive Tec-4 GT stand alone ecm and my bottom end woke right up.

I have not finished tuning for the top end, its a little harder on the street :D

In the member car profiles area, you can read about what we have done to our cars, my page is listed as Brads 89.
You can start your own Brag page/journal and post some pics for us and of course document the mods as you do them.

here is a short video of my 89 automatic leaving a stop sign

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28 Nov 2011 08:28 #7163 by bvgent
Replied by bvgent on topic G Force Chips
Thanks to Brad, Malcolm and Stan for your replies. My S4 is completely stock and I intend to pretty much keep it there, just looking for any edge I can gain in improving factory stats with minimal expense. It currently has just over 70K miles, only about 6K of which I put on it. I know it is not intended to be a track car, but I have done two Driver's Ed (D.E.) sessions and enjoyed them enough that I will probably do more. I am truly a beginner at all of this. This is my first Porsche. I am a retired Naval officer who now works part time at a golf course to support my golf habit. The Porsche is putting some thrill back into my life. I live near Phoenix and love the fact that there are lots of back roads where you can really enjoy this car. I will try and post a few pics of my "20 year old beauty". Thanks again for your help.
Greg Elkins

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28 Nov 2011 23:00 #7172 by SeanR
Replied by SeanR on topic G Force Chips
As has been said, making sure your car is running as it was from the factory is the best way to get results. Once you've ensured that is the case, the best steps to gaining some HP/TQ are more involved. The '87+ cars were very well tuned if a bit rich at the top end for safe engine running. The chips that are out here just add more fuel to what is already a rich running engine.

When you want to start doing bolt on things to get more, you will want to go this direction.

1. X-pipe with high flow cats, this can net you from 20-40hp/tq.
This is the number one thing you can do to improve performance
2. EIS - Enhanced Intake System from 928sRus.com. 6-11hp/tq.
3. Sharktuning, this gets in to the more expensive range, but optimizes your engine peformance.

Hope this helps a bit.

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