Clutch issues, where to begin?

19 Apr 2012 11:59 #8959 by 928Shark
I just bought my first Porsche 928, 1982 model. I paid $2500.00 for it and has 104k miles on it. The car is beautiful and in great condition with exception of the faded paint and a clutch which doesnt seem to disengage all the way. Ive decided to research the problem on line before I dig into the physical and mechanical part of it.(Hiring a mechanic) Here is what I got, the clutch pedal only comes up half way when released, and 1st gear grinds. I dont want to ruin the trans mission so I dont drive it at all. My research revealed a few possible problems so far, such as, the clutch plates are sticking together from non useage, the fluid is corroded, and/or the master/slave cylender is wore out. If any one has any other suggestions on this, I would like to hear them as to narrow it down easily. I am very anxious to actually drive my 928 as it was intended. Thank you all so much and GREAT SITE! Thankyou for having me along!!!!!! Robert Gee
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19 Apr 2012 12:58 #8961 by 928mac
Hey Robert; maybe someone that has a 5 speed will help you out shortly.
ILL move this thread to the general area as it is in the tips area now, ha ha which would be when you find the problem LOL.
I would open and read the manual in the tips area here and start removing easy things like the fluid.
How dose it say to drain and bleed the clutch slave fluid in the manual?
also take pictures of the master and slave and where the peddle sits at so that we can see the issue that you see.

Wish you luck

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