A/C Runs continuously, controls have no effect

11 May 2012 10:05 #9136 by GlennS
I’m looking for some help on this issue. When I bought my 1980 5 speed the A/C did not work, I bought a new compressor and condenser from Griffiths and had it installed. The A/C would run continuously and the controls had no effect. There is a wire from the compressor that runs up the front of the engine on the passenger side by the dip stick; I disconnected this wire to stop the compressor to prevent draining the battery. My research has led me to conclude that I may need to replace the A/C control head to fix this problem.

The control head is pretty expensive so I would like to get some feedback from anyone with experience with this sort of issue before I go forward.

Good news on other issues…my car has the wrong muffler installed. Last year I asked the group about a RMB for my car. The bad news was that RMB’s are not available for models previous to 86.5 my research in that area led me to one conclusion…install a BORLA cat back exhaust. The parts are here and I’m taking my machine to get it installed Monday, May 14…can’t wait to get it back!

Glenn Simpson

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11 May 2012 10:44 #9140 by 928mac
I can't guild you with the heater control issue but congrats on the Borla exhaust. That should sound great.

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