Easier Faster Connect/Disconnect Trickle Charger to Battery

20 Feb 2017 15:20 #19541 by wyman
Just wondering what is the easiest fastest method of hooking up a trickle charge to a 928.

I know hooking it directly is the best way but that involves popping the hatch, removing the spare
And opening the battery cover. Too much effort whenever I drive and park the car.

I think the cigarette lighter is not online when the key is not in the ignition, so connecting the trickle
Charger there is not a solution.

Connecting the trickle charger to the Jumping Posts in the front hood will involve popping and shutting
the hood each time. Is going through the Jumping Posts a safe way to recharge a battery. I assume
it may fry the "Brain chip"?

Is there another way? Do you recommend an extension cable from the battery to a quick connect
End at the rear backseat area? How would one prevent the battery cover from cutting/shorting the
Cable? What other solutions do you know of?


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25 Feb 2017 16:28 #19548 by Burlingame
I don't know if I have a different or better solution, but I ran an extension cable and hooked it directly to the battery. I do have to open and close the hatch to hook it up, but I really only hook it up during the winter and it really isn't that bothersome. Of course I had to disconnect and drive it last week here in Ohio when we hit 70 degrees in Feb. I modified/notched the battery cover so the cable would rub when driving the car. My 2000 Boxster was definitely a little easier to hook-up.

Good Luck.

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06 Mar 2017 00:23 #19574 by allexsander
I have a ctek battery maintainer/charger that I ordered from 4wheelonline . Not the best setup, but I connect it on the the hot post and have no problems so far. I know others had success wiring it in the bottom.

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14 Mar 2017 10:21 - 14 Mar 2017 10:22 #19580 by mm928
Not sure of your model, but I think most models are the same. On my 83 I can charge the car from the engine compartment easily and it works fine. That way you can charge it under a mostly covered car if needed. You only have to pop the hood, then you can lock the car back up.

There is a post on the left (passenger side) near the front. It sticks out of the plastic covering horizontally, right under the edge of the fender panel. It is only a foot or so from the front. You connect the + cable there then connect the - cable to a ground, I use the unpainted metal where the hood latches at the front.

Note - many people have a plastic or rubber cover over the + post, so it may be black when you look, otherwise it is a metal hexagonally shaped cap.

You battery will charge up nicely. If needed I can post a pic but I think it pretty obvious,

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85/86 exhaust manifolds
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