Camshaft Gears

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26 Aug 2017 15:17 #19965 by chriswpman
Camshaft Gears was created by chriswpman
Changing out the Cam Belt on my 1987 S4. The tops of the gear teeth are bare metal only 10 K since it was changed by previous owner but 7 years (oops)
So I need to get them recoated, I live in AZ any suggestions on where I can take or send them for recoating???
Any thoughts would be appreciated

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06 Oct 2017 08:12 #20009 by klmartin76
Replied by klmartin76 on topic Camshaft Gears
I ran into the same issue last month when doing a timing belt service. I was surprised to find out those gears were consumable items. For a while Porsche had them as NLA, but you can now get them again from your local dealer with a harder anodizing and a slightly different tooth profile. Supposedly this coating is the last one you will ever need, but maybe Porsche can say that banking on the age of our cars and the length of service. The list price is $465.00 per gear, but I got mine from for $385 ea.. I wasn't expecting this when I opened the inspection covers up and thought this is the last thing I need right now is to increase the cost of the TB service. Then I thought of the alternative if a tooth was skipped. I'm sorry I can't offer info on re-coating, but replacement may be a viable alternative given the cost of labor and materials.

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09 Oct 2017 19:11 #20024 by y33trekker
Replied by y33trekker on topic Camshaft Gears
Same situation here. Was in the middle of TB/WP service and discovered cam gears, oil pump gear, and crank gear were questionable, so decided to replace. I purchased all new replacements, and plan to send the old ones in to be refinished some time this winter since the only wear was to the surface coatings (actual diameters of old gears was virtually the same as new gears).

Doing a simple GOOGLE search for anodizing vendors produced results all across the country, so I'm just going to contact a few of them with what I have and see what they can offer. About all of the places I found offer "low-friction, low-wear" anodized coatings made especially for automotive/machinery gear applications, so surely one of them will be more than sufficient for this application.

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