S4 Power Seat issues

03 Sep 2017 11:08 - 03 Sep 2017 13:18 #19970 by Boudreaux
:dry: 928OC,

I'm looking for some advice. Driver's side front/back power seat switch worked occasionally, now not at all. I intended to remove the seat and disassemble/clean the switch or replace it. To get to the seat mounting screws I have tried moving the seat manually with the Allen wrench at the servo motor under the front of the seat and it doesn't move at all. I have removed the cover on the manual override and can see the white plastic gears engaging so I know it's not a gear issue. I would think it's a cabling issue but rarely (very rarely) the switch magically works again for a moment. So I still suspect a switch issue.

Any ideas on removing a seat when the manual override does not want to work?

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