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12 Jan 2021 14:29 #21690 by Gary Knox
Membership fees was created by Gary Knox
As a charter member, I joined 928OC in 1999. The membership fee was established by the founders - and yes, the 928 part is a bit kinky. Having been
Treasurer for 12 years, I thought that figure ought to be updated. Yes, inflation has occurred in the 22 years since I joined. As an example, I drink diet Coke as a source of caffeine - 2 cans a day. In 1999, when the stores had them on sale, it was 5 cases of 12 cans for $10. Today, when they are on sale the very best price I've found in the past year was 4 cases of 12 cans for $12, and it's usually 3 cases of 12 cans for $10.

I doubt that the Club would lose 1 member if the annual membership was raised to $39.28m (as long as a reasonable explanation of costs for 'gifts' and shipping was included). I think that would definitely be the case if a slightly bigger discount was established than is currently in effect for multi year memberships.

Gary Knox

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