To remove the front wheel inner bearing race

30 Oct 2010 17:20 #1843 by 928mac
Remember your PPE, safety glasses and gloves

If you have a mig it works well. run a bead all the way around in the center and let it cool. punch it out.

Heating the hub also works for removal. Clean and bake in oven 350 for 20 min. [Plan a head!!] use gloves, a place to put it, someone to open door, and punch it out. must air cool at normal speed.

You can also slit the race 1/2 way through with a torch which is the way its done in the shop,(careful) then split it with a chisel and punch it out (no time on flat rate to heat)

smooth any marks with emery cloth, wipe, spray and blow all grit out (very very important)
Grease hub and press race back in.
If you don't have a press then a hard brass punch (3/4" x 8") and 2 lb hammer will work.

When it is seated the hammer blows sound different, solid and the hammer bounces lots. Check with a mirror

Note: it must go perfectly straight.


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30 Oct 2010 19:52 #1844 by pcar928fan
Man, I don't have a CLUE what you are talking about...and I'm GLAD! LOL! That is way to many things trying to kill you to do that job at home! ;)

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