Carpet Shampoo and Rear Hatch Rattle + More

10 Apr 2011 16:43 #4375 by Bilal Hasan
I shampooed my carpet in the 91 GT with the grey interior. Now it looks like a wet dog.
Any suggestions in getting it looking better without changing the whole carpet with new?
Secondly I have a squeak coming from the rear hatch. No mice. The rubber insert in the bottom reciever looks OK, but do you think replacing it with the one sold by 928Rus will make a difference?
Thirdly, tried to fix the lock on the gas cap for the S4. Have pictures on how to take it apart and will post later, but glueing the inside broken bit did not work. Anybody know where to get the inside plastic piece that does the locking?


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10 Apr 2011 21:17 #4384 by pcar928fan
Just to be sure you are aware, you have to hold the gas cap with one hand and turn the key in the lock with the other hand to lock it... You can't do it one handed... It is NOT a great design.

Can't help on the carpet.

The hatch squeak might be fixed by adjusting the rubber stops on either side of the hatch about mid way up the opening on either side.

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10 Apr 2011 22:05 #4387 by mm928
I just fixed my squeak - 2 parts - one you can try coating the top part of the hatch latch (black plastic) with white lithium grease - it worked....but the real cause was I did not even have a plastic insert! So I never knew I was missing one until I decided I would get a new one for the heck of it.

I ordered one from Jager engineering. And then it solved 2 problems! Not only did my hatch fit tight (and I did have to adjust the rubber stoppers p928fan mentioned afterwards) but it also fixed my rear wiper which used to go only over, but not it all makes sense,,, Ha this is a wonderful beast.

Note - the replacement was not easy to get into the bottom part of the latch for me....I really had to manhandle it and just hoped it would not break. It didn't and works great. I have gotten quite a bit lately from Jager, they are good in my book. And prompt, considering they are in BC Canada. Veronica is a pleasure to work with. Parts are quality and precise (mostly interior so far). Packed very carefully and well and good instructions with every part.

Good luck!

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