'84 Repaint Begins

25 Jun 2011 16:29 #5251 by Kiln_Red
'84 Repaint Begins was created by Kiln_Red
I'm about to begin repainting my '84 928. Knowing that so many 928s out there are in need of a fresh paint job, i thought that documenting my progress on the project would possibly be helpful to others out there who wish to at least do their own prep work at home, if not the entire job, so that way maybe we can all be on the same page about how to accomplish a quality, original looking paint job. Some cars are more fortunate than others. Mine only needs minor body work. The front bumper is in bad shape on my car and will need some aggressive sanding, filler, and primer before it will be paint ready. Besides one other dent on the driver's side quarter panel that will need to be repaired, it looks like the rest of the job will be pretty straightforward.

All this takes is a few tools and materials of course, and the knowledge of how each will work together when they are applied to your work surface. My plan for the metal panels is fairly simple. I will only be using a 2K urethane primer over a few expecting repair areas. This will mean that I will have very little block sanding to do. Now, because my car has been repainted before and because the clear coat is peeling off of the car in many areas, i will be totally stripping the paint off. This will greatly prolong the life of my respray because the adhesion of the fresh paint will be so strong.

I will be using Sunmite 240 grit and 360 grit sandpaper. Also, I'll be using red Scotch-brite scuff pads for edges and any other hard to reach places. Those are the only abrasives that I'll be using on the metal. I'll be using two different air tools to do this, as well. Though, that is not required for you guys at home. It's not practical for you all to have two DA sanders that don't sand cars everyday like I do. Now, what you will need, is two different sanding pads to interchange on one DA. For me, I just simply have multiple DAs so that I don't have to constantly interchange backing pads since I do this for a living. The first pad you will need is a firm one, such as the type that most often comes on a DA when you buy it new. The other is an interface pad which is very soft by comparison. You usually will see this type of pad on a very fine cut DA designed for sanding prior to final buffing and polishing.

I will be using a Dynabrade 6" 5mm orbit DA with a firm pad to sand the entire car with 240 grit. Once the surface is stripped, probably in 2-3 hours, I will use a finer cut Hutchins 4500 6" DA with an interface pad to go back over everything with 360 grit. The softer pad and finer sandpaper will make the surface suitable for sealer. The sealer that I'll be using is a Spies Hecker product by the name of Vario Surfacer. It is a "wet-on-wet" application. This means that once applied, no more sanding is required. You're then ready to begin spraying base coat if you're using a base/clear paint.

Anyway, I will begin my repairs and prep work next weekend if all goes as planned. At the latest, I will begin the following weekend. I plan to document this with as much detail concerning the tools and materials as possible. I will of course include as many photos as possible during the process.

By the way, I'll be using Glasurit 55 line base coat. Kiln Red Metallic 811 is the original code and I will be sticking with the original color.

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