928 wont start

22 Jul 2011 15:29 #5685 by DarrylJames928
Help! I ordered new seats for my 1980 928 I purchased recently. I ordered the complete carpet set too and as I was ripping out the old carpet I must have disconnected some wiring as my car has no power ... no where ... I saw in the owners manual it appears that the positive cable runs to the fuse box under the carpet but when I looked at the battery (which took some time to find) it appears the positive cable runs underneath the frame?

I thought about getting the 9288 tester (anyone know where I can find one) and while looking I ran across a vendor who sells a computer program w. a cable you plug into your in car to run a diagnostic check.

I am also looking for a electric voltage tester as the odometer was not working ...

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22 Jul 2011 16:54 #5688 by 928mac
Replied by 928mac on topic 928 wont start
Woe woe slow down :)

Hi DJ, Do you have the manual for your year of car?

Mine is a 89 and the Bat cable goes to the starter, then to the alt, then to the 14 pin rt/frt fender by the cyl head, then into the fuse panel. (I Think)

But I am at work and we need someone who has an Old Body(OB) style that can tell you more.

A volt ohm meter is all you need to check your connectors.

The computer system is not OBD2 but I believe a sharktuner scan tool works/ sorta :rolleyes:

hang tight and let a few people reply is my advice. :cool:

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23 Jul 2011 15:31 #5696 by DarrylJames928
Replied by DarrylJames928 on topic 928 wont start
Brad ... thanks for the tips ... I'm going to check the starter to make sure it is getting power and then take it from there ...

Does a 80 model have a computer chip? Seems like this was before chips were being installed in cars? ...

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25 Jul 2011 13:02 #5707 by mm928
Replied by mm928 on topic 928 wont start
I don't think you have the computer capabilites you are looking for until 85. You can't find replacement chips for example for 16v (like my 83).

Best to do what you planned, following Brad's advice. I have an intermittent issue myself when it is really hot. There is a very good write up by Wally Plumley, step by step, to diagnose starting issues. Look for that. I may have the link in my "odd starting problem" thread on this forum.

Good luck - you will find it but you definitely need a tester.

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