Stand Alone ECU review

12 Dec 2011 11:20 #7365 by 928mac
Stand Alone ECU review was created by 928mac
This is from an installer and tuner

Hi all,

For those who dont know me, my name is Chris, I own a company called TurboDirect S.A we are the Electromotive distributors for South Africa. I would like to share an open and unbiased experience with the Electromotive product with you all - this outline is going to be a long one, but very informative, and full of information that you can use. Firstly some background -- I have been installing and tuning electronic engine management systems since around 1998 - i have had the opportunity to install and tune the following systems over time:-

Electromotive Tec GT
Motec M4 clubman
Perfect Power SMT5, 6, I-chip, MIC3, XMS4, 6,8
Go-tech Pro
Mr Turbo

To name but a few. --- to give you an idea of typically what an installer aswell as a tuner faces when working with this type of product, i will share one or two experiences with you. Electromotive, Motec, Haltech and Link are all imported systems and are consiered to be advanced and world class which they are. The other units in the list above are locally made systems, however they are marketed along side the Motec, Haltech and Link systems .... There is no way that the local systems are anywhere remotely comparable to the first 4!! anyway.....

Here is the rest of the story


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