New 3-Piece Engine Crossmembers at Special Price to 928OC members

06 Jan 2012 13:35 #7670 by Carl Fausett
My last batch of 3-piece engine cross-members went out of here pretty fast, and we are making up another batch of 6 now.

The 3-piece engine cross-member finds its niche with any racer or enthusiast who like to perform their lower engine service without the need for a cherry picker, dropping the suspension, or checking their alignment again every time they get into their oil pan.

Works great, and I have had them field tested for about 4 years now. At Road Atlanta when I had a shunt, Mark Anderson saw us drop the center section out of my cross-member, drop the oil pan, replace the oil pan, button it back up - all without a hoist or an alignment. Works great.

If your a 928 racer, and like to lay on your back and spin in a new set of rod bearings each season just as part of your regular track maintenance, this is the sweet ticket.

Not for everyone of course, but if your about to change you motor mounts and oil pan gasket anyway - that's an ideal time to swap your 1-piece engine cross brace out for our 3-piece unit. We will do an advance-exchange - send you ours and charge you the core charge.... you get the core charge refunded when you return yours to us.


SPECIAL PRICING: Normally $545 including core charge, I am taking orders now for this batch at $495 ea from 928OC members. When your cross-member comes back, a core charge $150 will be refunded. Your final price will be $345. Call Gretchen at 920-485-0928 to get the 928OC price.

Offer expires Jan 31st 2012.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You can download our installation instructions from this page:
It is in the "Suspension and Handling" section. The instructions show how to remove your cross-member and install ours, and also how to use ours one you have it installed

Attached files [img]media/attachments/7840=880-928 Engine Crossbrace 1.jpg[/img] [img]media/attachments/7840=881-928 Engine Crossbrace 3.jpg[/img] [img]media/attachments/7840=882-928 Engine Crossbrace 4.jpg[/img]

Carl Fausett
Phone: 920-485-0928
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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06 Jan 2012 14:48 #7672 by srshaw3

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