Wanted : Pre82 Radio delete (928.552.270.04)

01 Feb 2017 16:14 #19520 by DrewD
Australian cars (and UK cars) were delivered from the factory without radios and then they were dealer fitted here. This was most often done by fitting a high end shaft mount radio into the radio delete plate because the hole in the console of the pre-1982 (pre-DIN) cars is smaller than most radio faceplates of the era. My original radio is long gone, but i have sourced a period correct unit and I'm trying to chase down a radio delete plate ( 928.552.270.04 ) to fit the radio into.
If anyone has one, or any suppliers have a few dusty ones sitting on a back-room shelf, I'll buy them all and offer any excess to my requirement to the club members here.

See item: #53 in attached pic.

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