The 928 Journal

04 Nov 2012 09:30 #12284 by Kiln_Red
The 928 Journal was created by Kiln_Red
This forum will be made up of articles written by members about anything concerning their experience with one or more 928s, or perhaps, just anything to do with 928s generally. We want these articles to have a very good presentation. They should be edited before being forwarded to me via email before they will be considered for inclusion in this forum. They do not have to be professionally edited. Ideally, we would love to have a volunteer step up to run this forum who could assist in editing and, after revising of their own, add the articles here. We could name that volunteer the Editor of The 928 Journal. :D

Please consider that you may need to install new or updated programs to your computer before viewing certain attachments included on this forum.

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04 Nov 2012 15:20 #12290 by pcar928fan
Replied by pcar928fan on topic The 928 Journal
THIS is where my Importing a '92 928 article and the several articles by Rich Andrade should appear! YEE HA!

Thanks Austin for setting this up bro! Great job!

78 Silver / Black-white #295
84 Ruby Red / Black AO84
88 Dark Blue / Linen-Black
92 Polar Silver / Dark Blue 92EURO
93 Arrow Blue / Black

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